Well everything is on hold of course thanks to the world losing its mind.

As of 5th May, I'm merely waiting for some shot ideas to come to me. Yes, I have a plan for the next video.

I can't use the expensive alien model just once! In fact, the plan is to make a series featuring the guy. Well, what better during this stupid-arse time than to fit alien guy (Big Skull Guy) with a surgical mask! And while I was there at the model site, I picked up a COVID-19 model made in Blender!

Plan is to have a load of the virus balls fall from the sky and Big Skull Guy defeats them all, somehow. Please feel free to groan - I'm even groaning myslef at this one - it'll have a Star Wars theme. Plunging lightsabers into the havoc-causing orbs? What about blasters shooting them up and they explode in a gooey styley? Good idea - but easier said than done.

Getting a little frustrated because my week off will be over by the time I have shot ideas I want to run with.