March 2023.

Latest video is uploaded.

Very pleasing to go from having never used Unreal Engine 5 before to making a short with it. I now have the fundamentals down of animation, camera moves, the Sequencer and rendering. However, I'm still not using the 'in-house' simulations and if I'm going to advance - I simply must at least learn the basics of CHAOS and NIAGARA.

A break now while I think of what to do next. Looking forward to resetting the prog (UE5) to lose all the annoying pop-up messages (one even appearing over the viewer. Really?). And in conjunction with that, freeing up a ton of space on PC. As of this, I still regard my tower as very new and yet, half of the drive has been used up already. The main reason? Video stuff of course - those HUGE, ProRes files. I kind of regret not paying for even more space when buying PC - but it's all good given I have a 10TB external that all completed projects can transfer to.

Nice to not be hankering after any new equipment - but that said! I still maintain the RØDE lavalier records with too much base. That's it then - a new one will happen - decision made in an instant! Having destroyed the SONY A7C kit lens, I guess I need to replace it - but will get another prime and not a zoom. I'd settle for the SONY 20mm prime only, but I very much hate the 'bending' image that happens when tilting. Can't stand it and not good enough So, next prime to be not as wide - because I simply can't have the beginnings of what is basically fisheye to me when tilting. No, just no.

So now it's just a matter of getting some new ideas and constructing something - and yes, it will be made in Unreal again as opposed to Blender. No doubt I will employ my usual form of finding a model which makes me go: 'I can do something with that.'

March 2023.

So, the six people who are actually interested have seen Security Glitch. On to the the next one I guess. Am I going back to Blender? Absolutely not. UE5 feels more user friendly and lighting is so much easier in that prog. Also, the assets (meshes) seem to be more affordable. When I compare models form the UE5 Marketplace versus say, purchasing from TurboSquid - they are condiderably cheaper in relative terms.

I'm probably about to buy a futuristic city priced at £245. It's very big and what I'm liking is, it has a few human characters, a motorcycle and vehicles. Idea so far for the next one is to make a trailer. Perhaps a 'silly' observation - but I'm liking not have to worry about continuity if it's a trailer. Also, I really don't want the next one to take half a year - so a 60 or 90 second trailer may just prove the perfect project.