This would have been in the early days of After Effects. This is more than easy to someone proficient in Ae, but it's still effective, no?

I just love the prog and it's perfect for me since nodes do my head in. I'm getting better with nodes - but soemtimes when I see some of these insane node trees it just frazzles my brain. I think my being 'scared' of node editors is my undoing - but the more I do this, the more learn of course. Stupid statement! Loved it when I discovered Natron - an entirely free node editor. It's like someone decided to copy Nuke - but make it free. I wonder how much the Nuke makers hate Natron!

Nuke is industry standard and as such, is thousands of pounds per year. Natron comes along - for free - and it means I can practice node composites without going bankrupt! Brilliant!