I think this is the video I bought an 8' x 4' MDF board for. Loads of coats of chromakey green paint applied. Official green screen paint from a thetrical supplier - not a 'near enough' colour! Yeah, it was money. Enjoyed the process - but this was before I discovered HDRi lighting within Blender - so there's nothing whatsoever realistic about the lighting on my UFO model. No environmental lighting at all. There's also no shine on the model and therefore no realistic reflections as a result. You live and learn as they say.

I revisited the model at TurboSquid at one point and realised I had not been using it not how it was intended to look by the modeller, or rather, I didn't have the correct node configuration in place. I've since got my head around nodes a bit more - although I still can't claim to fully undertsand them. Tutorials are my best friend when it comes to this stuff.