Doing something that no one is interested in has its benefits. It means I can type crap because if no one is reading, no one is going to complain! I make videos for myself now - and likewise this website. I probably won't even link this new design on Facebook and since no one is interested in any video I make, I probably won't even whack that link on Facebook or anywhere else. A cat yawning? A trillion views. My videos? Zero views. There you go. My editing this site is rare - it ordinarily only gets updated when I add a new video. Compare that to bloggers who have to let everyone know when they've had a shit. So maybe it's my turn to go to town a bit. I have unlimited space and so why not? Also, am typing this whilst in the middle of the fricken Lockdown. A website is the perfect stay at home project.

I'm also using a new editor - so there's that novelty too. 

But anyway, to the video. I used my new screen recorder software to show the 3D interface looks. I just give an insight in to a little of what it takes to animate a model. I'm no teacher though and that's not what it's about. I'm doing it for myself because yes, no one is interested. I'm animating the model saying a line from a one minute short I made. A page with just a video player on it looks pretty sparse, so it's the perfect place to type some waffle.