So I went to TurboSquid - the 3D model site I always use. I wanted to see whether modellers were up to date with current affairs - Covid-19 specifically. And sure enough, there were plenty of Covid-19 models. This was months ago you understand. I have to make sure the file format is compatible with Blender, but I also wanted the model to be scientifically accurate - rather than a cartoon looking thing. When I saw image of the virus provided by New Scientist though, it was exactly the same as the model I bought!

I then set about doing what I always do - putting the video together. I don't have an idea and then go looking for a suitable model. It's actually the reverse. I'll see something at TurboSquid and it'll give me an idea.

Ian had the idea for the 3 Mills location near Bow. I went down there twice with a general idea of what I wanted to do and took it from there. Yes, there is always an element of making it up as I go along. I enjoy that though.

I could drone on and on about the process of course. Let me just say it took a stupid amount of time.

If folk are wondering why there's no credit for the music, an outfit I belong to provided the track and they stipulated that no credit or licence was required. I don't mind helping myself to a sound effect, but I won't 'steal' someone's music.