So I was perusing the 3D model site TurboSquid and seeing the alien model instantly gave me an idea. That's basically how I get my ideas - I don't have an idea and then see if there's an appropriate model available - instead, I'll see a model I like and then build an idea around it. He was clearly going to need transport - so I merely then chose a UFO model I liked!

We had security watching us the whole time of course. I know, what a massive security risk we were posing. I screwed up large time with the focusing on a key shot - but there it is. Shit happens. We got the footage shot shortly before Lockdown. I think it's some of the best stuff I've done - but the better I get at this (I'm not saying it's great - but I'm pleased with it), the less folk are interested. I want to make several featuring these twomodels - but I'm utterly scuppered by the Lockdown of course. That said, nearly everyone in the world is affected by this thing - so I'm certainly not giving it woe is me.