March 2023.

I used to have a site called Movie Bunker. I made a TON of composited images from year 2000 like the one below. But then I moved on to videos. The previous site was like a single frame version of what I do now.

I only want to make shorts with visual effects. Why? Because I'd rather take a blunt rasp to every inch of my body than make a relationship story. I would die of boredom. A bout of prolonged, face self-punching until said face turns to a bloody pulp is more appealing.

I got into the world of 3D and although it's like having an ever-present stone in your shoe, I love the possibilities. With the latest short I have if you will, created Japan without even leaving my bedroom - and that's why I love the digital video making possibilities and especially 3D.

Blender was the weapon of choice - but I have now switched to Unreal Engine 5 and am loving it.

As of this post, I'm in-between projects! Just waiting for the inspiration that always comes eventually. But you can be sure it won't be a boy meets girl thing.

Why isn't anyone else ever in my videos? Because people are full of shit. They say the'll turn up and then they always cancel. I mean, if I had a pound... So, I've given up on people. That one will never change. I 'book' them to help me and the morning they're supposed to turn up they tell me they can't help because they have to put clean air in their bicycle tyres instead. They're as reliable as a chocolate fire guard and giving up on them is way easier.